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We work closely with the companies/brands in their Strategic marketing planning. As the word suggests, it is all about aligning the marketing strategies in the right direction to meet the company’s corporate objectives.

We assist the companies in achieving the right market Positioning, Segmenting the Target Group and Targeting the right audience. We device marketing plans for the companies based on the strategic direction focusing on the two Core Areas

Zynosure Consulting is part of a large Management & Investment Group focused on Marketing & Technology. With access to a wide range of marketing & technological services offered by the Group’s sister companies, we are placed in a good position to assist our clients with timely and best in class services.

We at Zynosure adopt a proven methodology to achieve the best results for our clients. Our planning methodology is designed to deliver the best of both worlds to our clients in terms of branding as well as lead generation.

Businesses with focus on strategic marketing planning and management are the ones who develop a sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors. Strategic planning focuses on achieving the business and marketing objectives with a clear strategy. The marketing plans are drafted in line with the established strategies to achieve the objective. These are driven primarily towards all or either of the following; profit growth, revenue growth and market share growth.

Zynosure, with its extensive experience in strategic marketing planning works with companies, consulting for them on all aspects of marketing. Zynosure also offers fully integrated marketing services, assisting companies in executing their marketing plans. We help companies in identifying their markets, market segments, target groups, positioning, branding and lead generation.

Strategic Marketing management involves evaluating the market potential and the potential of a business and explicitly linking the business objectives to the actions and resources required to achieve them. Strategic Management offers a systematic process to deal with large resource commitment decisions for the management teams. The two areas of marketing that are inevitably touched upon are relationship marketing and transactional marketing, each one as the name suggests relates to building relationships with the brand’s audience and generating more leads as the name suggests.

Strategic marketing focused on relationship marketing is essential to develop a brand, position it, instill the brand values to the audience and engage the target group with the brand. This is achieved by advertising as well as by engaging in other marketing activities that create brand visibility, communicate the brand message and help in creating brand recall. These activities are capital intensive but they are an investment for your brand. It is also important to maintain regular contact with your target group and ensure a consistent messaging.

While Zynosure helps you define, develop and promote your brand, we also help you with generating leads that translate into revenue for the company. We focus on activities that are targeted to target groups trying to find a business with the intent to initiate a transaction.

In order for you to achieve all these, you need the help of a strategic marketing partner.

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We classify marketing into two depending on the desired outcome of the marketing plans.

  • Transactional Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing

While Transactional Marketing assists in lead generation and focuses on marketing activities that are oriented towards achieving a transaction, Relationship marketing as the word suggests is oriented towards building relationships with the prospects as well as existing customers to build long term loyal customers.

  • Relationship Marketing involves long-term marketing planning for any brand/company to build a loyal customer base leading to sustained profitability. Under this unit, we cover the most critical elements in Customer Retention Planning. As branding also involves communicating the propositions of a product or service to the audience, it is also detrimental in lead generation.

    • Branding

      Branding is the most important and critical activity that makes or breaks a product or service. The process of defining your brand values and propositions and communicating this effectively to your target audience is a critical aspect for both customer retention as well as lead generation. Creating the brand, positioning and communicating the brand message is an art and requires a skilful marketer who has pioneered the art to deliver results. That is exactly where we can help you. We ease a brand owner’s worries about building the brand and growing its equity.

    • Customer Relationship Management

      Another critical activity to ensure customer retention is Customer Relationship Management. In order for a company to offer the right services and satisfy the customer needs, it is important to manage the relationship with the existing customers, understand their needs and map their behavior. This can be achieved with the use of CRM applications which help manage contacts, communications and derive analytics. The large number of CRM software available in the market makes it complicated for companies to determine the right application that serves their business objectives because not every application is the same and capable of delivering the intelligence specific to your needs. We assist you in determining your needs and design CRM software that meet your needs.

  • This is the most widely adopted marketing technique to generate leads. With advancement is technology, conventional search methods are being run over by the new media. Over the years we have witnessed a considerable wave of change in the search patterns. Online has become the primary source to search for products/brands or services. We help you reach the audience searching your product with the intend of making a purchase by targeting them with the right message at the right places that they search.

    The most common marketing methods used for this includes but not limited to

    • productProduct Websites
    • productEmail Marketing
    • productTrade Event
    • productOnline Exhibitions
    • productSearch Engine
    • Trade PortalproductTrade Directory Advertising