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E-book Design & Development

Brochures and product catalogues are today released as e-books and has made it very easy for brands to give access to their consumers. The evolution of e-commerce has seen a drastic change in consumer behavior; more and more consumers now move to e-commerce portals to do their shopping giving more prominence for e-brochures.

Zynosure is leading e-books design and Development Company in Dubai. With a team experienced in the e-book industry, we use cutting edge technology to create creative e-book design Dubai. We ensure that the E-Books are designed providing consumers ease to navigate and provide a great reading experience. Zynosure e-book design Dubai’s creative team starts from the design of the book and takes utmost care with the elements including the fonts, the images, creative graphics, typesetting and layout, which is then provided to the client for both print publishing as well as the digital e-book for e-publishing.

As a leading e-books design and Development Company, Dubai Zynosure e-book design Dubai has designed E-books with catchy covers for various clients with a variety of needs such as:

  • Attracting leads to the website
  • Offering Free E-Book to a subscriber to increase customer base
  • Product description and specifications online
  • Converting printed content into professional E-Book

We use the standard and fixed layout formats to convert the printed contents into the electronic version of the book. We also provide brochure designs online and we are specialists in e-book design Dubai.