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Business Process Engineering is the most critical part of any business which involves structuring the processes in the operation of a business. Whether your business is in the startup stage or growth stage, Business process engineering or re-engineering optimises the processes of business to ensure customer satisfaction by achieving results with minimal tasks. This offers customers a quick and efficient delivery of service or product with low turn around time. Business process re-engineering rebuilds the processes in an organization in ways that directly affect the performance to bring out best results.

The Impact of Business Process Engineering

The two important factors detrimental to the success of any business are its people and processes. Business Process Engineering is key to transform the hard work of the individuals into tangible results, without which businesses end up with unsatisfied customers. The engineering process minimises or eliminates the non-essential activities and fine tunes the working process to achieve better results. Minor changes made in the work flow can generate major changes in the cash flow, service delivery and the customer satisfaction. The act of documenting business processes is an initial step towards improving the organizational efficiency. Thus, by a few tweaks in some processes and a complete revamp of few other processes in place, realises drastic improvements in the functioning of the company.

Implementation of the Business Process Engineering

The most effective way to improve the organizational procedures using business process engineering is to take a top own approach and bypass the projects with isolations. The following are the steps that can be taken up as part of BPE:

  • It is important to start with mission statements that define the purpose of the organization and describe what sets it apart from others in its sector or the industry
  • Deriving the project objectives through a clear business strategy
  • Defining behaviours which will enable the organisation to achieve its aim
  • Identifying key performance measures to track the progress
  • Classifying the initiatives which will improve the performance

Zynosure is a leading Business Process Engineering Company in Dubai and our methodology fine tunes existing systems and identifies key areas that need to be worked upon for better performance and output.

Whether you are new business or a business in its growth phase, Zynosure offers management-consulting service and assist you in the following:


    Structure operations and business processes,defineorganization structure with the appropriate hierarchy of management and reporting required to achieve the business objectives.


    Review existing structures and operations and provide recommendations on improvement of the processes to achieve the business objectives through elimination of processes that don´t add value and optimizing important processes.


    Recommend different systems best suited for the business to adopt and implement to ensure smooth execution of the business processes.


    Customize and develop new IT systems to automate processes where required.


    Drive marketing automation and helpthe company manage their lead generation process and customer relationship management by planning and executingtheir communicationsand effectively managing contacts, leads and customers.

  • CRM

    Identify requirements and implement best suited CRM solutions.

  • APIs

    Develop and device APIs to integrate various IT processes between various systems in use.