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In today’s social media age merging online and offline marketing efforts is quintessential for the success of any brand. Online interactions are but the very first step to creating and building meaningful relationships with a brands stakeholders – the customers.

Social media has opened up ways like never before to build equity and foster meaningful relationships with existing customers and prospects without actually being physically close. But nevertheless, nothing comes close to or can replace a one-on-one interaction by a brand with its customer! Whether that takes place over the phone or in person, closing the gap between relationships built over social media or online can ensure that a brand or businesses marketing efforts aren’t wasted.

The traditional consumer path to purchase has evolved. Shoppers are no longer divided between online and in-store, and individual sales are difficult to classify as e-commerce or brick-and-mortar since a single purchase can be inspired by mobile, researched on desktop, and bought in-store. Digital influence is expected to grow, and an estimated 64% of sales in 2015 was learnt to be influenced by a digital channel.

This doesn’t come to say that brands can rely solely on digital to attract consumers and treat their actual physical stores as bare bones stock rooms. In fact, 72% of shoppers consider the in-store experience the most influential factor in their purchase decision.

The internet has proven itself to be a power engine for commerce. Just about every business owner and marketer is aware that they can use the internet to sell items online or encourage people to visit a physical store. However, a recent report from eMarketer shows that to truly take advantage of online marketing, business owners need to meld their offline and online shopping experiences.  Consumers expect an experience that enables them to buy online, pick up and return in-store. This requires brands to collect consumer data across all channels.   Consumers continue to choose the channel that’s convenient to them and the battle to create a unique experience that’s relevant to the customer’s needs and demands attention is causing disruption in both the digital and bricks and mortar space.

The internet helps businesses on both sides of ecommerce. According to eMarketer, 78 percent of US online consumers have made a purchase in-store after browsing for a product online. Clearly, traditional internet marketing works for offline retailers. It works in reverse almost equally as well. The same eMarketer reported noted that 72 percent of US online consumers have made a purchase online after browsing for a product in-store.

Merging the offline and online shopping experience takes effort on the part of the business. In essence, the company’s internet marketing will need to run two programs at once. A system to inform and bring customers to the physical store and a different program to assist customers while they are shopping. Merging online and offline shopping experiences will be come more important as consumers become more accustomed to buying things online that they used to buy in-store in the past.

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