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Digital Marketing – Why it is important

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Digital media has taken the world by storm and made digital marketing fast become one of the most powerful tool in the hands of marketers today.

The world is rapidly shifting from traditional media to digital media and consumers are relying more on digital content than any other content. Consumers are exposed to messaging at every single turn of their lives – in their morning newspaper, on billboards, through SMS messages, WhatsApp and BBM broadcasts and on the radio as they commute to work. They encounter messaging on their computer screens, on their mobile devices, television screens and road side digital displays and signages.

The world has largely become a multichannel world, and consumers expect marketers to reach them at the touch points, and on the devices, that are most convenient for them. Be it SMS marketing, Email newsletters, WhatsApp broadcasts or Online advertising initiatives.

These factors make it quintessential for marketers to consider every single channel with particular reference to digital channels before planning out and devising their marketing strategy.

The role that Digital plays in the marketing mix is very significant notwithstanding the fact that we aren’t quite ready for 100% just yet. Needless to say, digital is the only medium that allows for one to one communication and also the only channel that can be optimized in real time. That means that communications can be personalized, tracked and optimized in real time. In short it is the only performance driven channel available at the hands of marketers today therefore making it a very valuable part of the marketing mix.

How much exposure the audience has to digital is a question that every marketer needs to answer first. It’s also important to remember that digital has strongly and powerful become the medium of today.

Today, even traditional media has become digital. Consumers read newspapers on their tablets, listen to radio on their phones and watch movies or TV shows on their laptops. Even billboards have gone digital. Eventually, every ingredient of the marketing mix will at least have a single digital component.

Ultimately marketers need to understand what drives consumers to the store to buy their products – whether it’s mobile coupons, newspaper circulars, billboards or full-page takeovers on news web portals.

The balance will be different for every product and for every consumer. Trust your customer data and past campaign performance to determine how greatly digital needs to factor into your marketing mix today.

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