27Dec 15

Finally a hoverboard that can fly!

Written by admin at 10:08 am

2015 has been the renaissance year for Hoverboards and we saw some of the most innovative ideas being dished out in terms of design and functionality from hoverboard makers around the globe.  Right from top brands like Lexus to small time ones like YoloDeck, everyone has tried a hand at these self-balancing skateboards or mini scooters or segways or whatever you may want to call it.

A company called ArcaSpace from New Mexico has joined the space with a completely innovative product that works well on land, water, snow and even ice.  Though the hoverboard looks completely impractical if not impossible to ride it does not need to be placed on a flat ground or special surface for it to work.  This sets it apart from the the rest of the competitors and puts it in a totally different league.

The ArcaBoard is powered by 36 electric fans, yielding 430 pounds of thrust or 272 horsepower. There’s also some self-balancing tech to keep you from falling off, and it can fly for a whole six minutes on a charge.

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